Thursday, 19 January 2017

Today is a good day

Today, unlike many of late, has been a good day. Which has been rather nice. 

Of course now I am concerned that I have jinxed myself somehow and within the not too distant future all will turn to shit. I will however pay no attention to that stream of thought in the hope that it will disappear.

This post is a culmination of three attempts to write something. It might take a while but in the end I always manage to get there. To the end that is.

It's nearly quarter past two in the morning. Sleep, is sadly the last thing on my mind. It should be mind you. I don't get nearly enough of it. Yet here I am. Drinking a beer, listening to my 'Favourites' playlist, pretending to write while actually scrolling through Facebook. Which given the time is the most ridiculous aspect of my actions. It doesn't matter how many time I click the recent posts button, there will be nothing new to see. The rest of my world is snuggled up tightly in bed and fast asleep. Lucky them.

I know I should be as well, but for some reason I just can't drag myself there.

I started this four days ago.

Ok scratch that. 

I now started it six days ago. Two days ago I opened it up again and wrote the line about four days ago.

It is now nearly nine thirty in the morning. The children are trying to play hide and seek in a house that as far as I can see has no where to hide. Despite it being summer big black clouds fill the sky and a rather cool (and strong) breeze is blowing.

It is now a week since I started four days ago which makes it eleven days since I originally thought blogging at nearly quarter past two in the morning was a good idea. Only I have just gone back over are reread what I wrote. Man I can go on about mundane pointless crap. Let's just say it is quite possibly nearly two weeks since I tried to write something

As always in my life there are mountains of washing patiently waiting to be washed or folded, or probably even both. They are one of life's constants.

All the sighing.

While I may not have actually managed very well in the every day writing things are improving. Today has seen a landslide of words all over the place. Which is nice. Hopefully in the next three hours as I madly try and get everything done before I head out the door for work I won't regret any of the ways I have chosen to spend today.

Today has (so far at least) been a good day. I began a hundred day push up challenge. Which I happened to share 'live on Facebook'. The first time I have done so I might add. It's here by the way if you want to check it out

I do hope that you will join me. I am starting to think about how great it would be to get 100 people to join in with me. So far I'm at nine. Maybe I can give myself 100 days to find the 100 people and I will keep doing 100 push ups till the last person has completed their 100 days?