Monday, 2 January 2017

Baby steps

Ok, so yesterday's attempt at writing was not exactly a great success. But life is sometimes all about baby steps and as little and crap as that post was there was no denying that it was a step in the right direction. Even if it was a baby step it was still a step.

So with that all in mind, today I take another baby step. Trying again. Which at this particular point doesn't actually look like it is going to be much better.

All the sighs.

Deep breath.



Surely there has to be something I can think of to say.
I just refuse to let my fingers stop typing.
The words, they must come. Be released and freed from my soul.

I guess the real problem is all the things I should be doing. All the things that last year I would go and do instead of forcing the extraction of words from my brain. I thought that if they didn't want to come why should I force them? A forceful person I am not.

My view as I type this. Not even
comparable to yesterday's view
The bloody washing machine just beeped again. For the millionth time I am sure. Fuck how I hate that relentless beep.

I'm worried that if get up and hang it out I will forget whatever it is I have to say here. Which yes, I know it is essentially just nothing, but did you know that something always starts from nothing?Always.

So I got up and hung out the washing. I then (naturally) had to put another load on. Which I have just realised will mean the dreaded beeping should be due to start again at almost any moment.

Mind you before I am able to hang any more out I need to get a whole heap in. It seriously is never ending isn't it?

But enough of my washing woes. Because let's face it, It is a well known fact that when you are a mother washing is never ending cycle of life.