Saturday, 12 November 2016

There is a little under half an hour before I have to jump up and quickly cook some food before I run out the door for work. Six hours of supermarket shelf stacking on a Saturday night. Awesome (sarcasm font) Imagine that hey a font widely recognised as sarcastic so more tone could be given to the written world...


After having spent the day in the glorious sun, trying to sell books at the local school fete, I have plonked my rear end firmly in a comfy chair and refuse to move it until the absolutely last minute. Which sadly might be quickly approaching as I fear the girls are going to put too much water in their bath.

All the sighs. Kids huh?

20 minutes later

Yes, I was right, the bath did have a sufficient amount of water. It was well before the overflowing stage so I timed it quite well. I also used it as an opportunity to have a shower and start getting myself ready for the onslaught of working.

Mr Awesome has lived up to his name and kindly took on dinner duties for the evening. Egg and bacon with cheese croissants thank you very much.

Making the most of my time sitting down earlier I decided to check on the stats for APL, just to see what links had been found by the robots. I use this as a method of randomly reading over old posts and finding any editing issues that might need to be dealt with.

The post that I was taken to today was a prime example of why I was never asked to do many product reviews