Wednesday, 2 November 2016


I'm sitting here in complete silence not so patiently waiting for my shiny new iPhone 7 to finish updating and preparing itself for use. Really I should be sleeping. Even if it is the middle of the afternoon and not too far away from school finishing time.

The world I currently exist in is one that does not insist on my participation for school finishing time. The children are all of an age now where they can walk themselves home from school. Especially since according to Zany the walk to school is only eight minutes.


It looks like the updating is finished which means I no longer have a reason to sit here and stare at the computer screen. Remember how I mentioned I should be sleeping? I only managed to squeeze in four hours last night. The world I currently exist in (which could possibly be a great title for a book/blog) is also one where I spend my nights stacking supermarket shelves while dreaming of many a crazy thing.

Anyway no more talking of sleeping, I am actually going to go and it.

Eventually the words will come.

I promise.