Sunday, 11 September 2016

One forty three am

Man I just wish that my fingers could type as quickly as that voice in my head. It is so hysterically funny. Some days I feel like all I do is laugh and laugh. Of course some may never actually know just how hysterical I am because I often fail to adequately share my inner thoughts.

Right now I should be in bed. I finished a seven hour shift a little before one. For the second night in a row. The nights before them were an hour shorter in duration which meant I was home earlier and tucked up in bed. I just couldn't face another night of getting straight into bed. Some times I miss my night time at homes. Mind you there are so many time where I find myself loving my day time at home that I am not sure I am ready to give up daytime freedom.

Anyway tonight, rather that sleep I thought I would try and see what words wanted to share my inner thoughts. I tried writing a very belated Father's Day post over at A Parenting Life but did not get very far so I thought I would come here and try and unblock myself.

I think that is what this space will be, my unblocker. A place where I will just let the words randomly fall from my fingertips as quickly as they can. A ramble of my inner thoughts and voices.  Rhianna Writes, will be a literary master piece of all my finest works. It will be serious and professional writing.

*side note*
There is currently 6% left on my battery on my laptop and my drink is empty. I am greatly divided over what I should now do. It is now 2 am. The girls have their hockey presentation in a mere eight hours...

I just the low battery warning  and a sudden urge to shut my eyes...